Episode 6-Finding a pediatrician

Finding a pediatrician is one of the most important aspects of becoming a parent and in this episode Season and Erica discuss their experience of interviewing pediatricians.  They also talk about what they like and don’t like about their children’s current doctor and give their listeners some questions to ask your potential pediatrician.

And if you’re suffering from PAR*ENT*ING like Erica and Season are and weren’t able to relax this weekend, here’s a funny video that we can all relate to!

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Episode 5-Home cooking vs fast food, sleep training & all things mom

In this episode, Season & Erica talk all about their love of cooking at home while still enjoying fast food from time to time and why convenience sometimes wins.  Both ladies also started sleep training last week and talk about how it’s going.

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Episode 4- Diapering 101

While hiding out in Erica’s kids’ playroom late at night, Season & Erica talk all about diapering: what diapers they prefer, diaper cream, changing diapers in public and their worst diapering experience.

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Episode 3- Women’s March & Cloth Diapering


In this episode Erica & Season talk about their experience at the Women’s March in Downtown Reno, NV and how it compared to last year’s march.

They also welcome their first guest, Steve, co-founder & owner of Moonbow Baby and talk about the resurgence of cloth diapers.

Episode 2- Raising girls

In this episode Season and Erica discuss their fears about raising girls in the 21st century and share an experience that happened to them the previous week.  They also give information about the Women’s March and talk about the Times Up movement.

Episode 1- Welcome to Biggest Little Moms Podcast

In the pilot episode Erica & Season introduce you to their worlds of marriage & motherhood in the Biggest Little City.  Find out how they became friends, listen to how they spent Christmas and what they are looking forward to in 2018.