Episode 121-Mother’s Day Sadness

In this episode Erica and Season talk about their Mother’s Day and how, even though nothing was bad about it, it just didn’t feel as special as other years.

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Episode 118- Is marriage really ever balanced?

In this episode Erica and Season talk about their views about balancing marriage and how they have recently changed their opinion on this.

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Episode 116-Quarantine is not all rainbows and unicorns

Erica and Season are struggling with staying home.  It’s hard for everyone and even though we try to keep it positive around here as much as possible we also want everyone to know that we find this time in our lives extremely hard too. In this episode we talk about our quarantine routine and how our spouses are handling this time.

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Episode 115- Still in Quarantine

Erica and Season start off this episode by talking about the newest sensation to hit our country, Tiger King. If you have not watched it yet, please go immediately (after listening to this episode) and watch it!  They also give an update on what the last week of quarantine has been like and how they are handling it.

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Episode 114-Quarantine Life

Erica and Season are trying their best to survive the Coronavirus quarantine.  They are practicing social distancing and recording using Zoom.  In this episode they talk about what they have been up to and how they are surviving.

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Episode 113-Lacey & Kate from Swët Fitness

We are so excited to have our first guests of 2020 and welcome Lacey and Kate from Swët Fitness.  Lacey is the owner of this new gym in South Reno and Kate runs the amazing childcare at the gym.  They tell us all about what they offer and how this gym is different from anywhere else you’ve worked out.

Make sure to check them out on Instagram and contact them here to schedule your first FREE workout!