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Episode 160 – Late night chat

Season and Erica have another late night session where they discuss ASMR videos, LOL dolls, Erica’s hatred of birthday parties, Season’s in depth knowledge of the Youtube unpackaging videos and much more!

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Episode 142 – Maskne, voting, and vacation

Season and Erica discuss their recent issues with make up, masks and the maskne that has come along with it. They also go over what it is like voting while living in another country. You can also hear about Erica’s birthday getaway at the Nakoma Resort and how they feel about leaving the kiddos behind to enjoy time with their spouses.

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Episode 54-New Year, New Biggest Little Moms

In episode 54, Erica & Season reflect back on 2018 and look forward to 2019. Season shares how 2018 was the hardest year of her life and what she is excited about for 2019. Erica talks about how 2018 ended (hint, not great) and how she is going to make 2019 better. They also talk about their hopes for the podcast and where they see it going in the new year.

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Episode 53- You know…..

That week between Christmas and New Year’s when you’re not sure what day it is, most days you don’t even know what time it is, you’ve drank way too much, feel hungover every morning and have eaten about 10 too many leftover Christmas cookies? Well, this podcast is exactly how this week feels. It’s unorganized, cluttered and all over the place. It wasn’t what we had in mind but it’s exactly how our lives are in this moment. So sit back and listen to episode 53 and let us know if you can make any sense of what we talked about for 90 minutes.

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We’re baaacckkk!

Whew! It’s been a long 2 weeks but the Biggest Little Moms are back! In episode 52, they talk about Season’s trip to NYC and how hard it was to leave her daughter for 5 days. They also discuss what else they need to do for Christmas and last minute preparations as well as how stressful the holidays are.

We want to wish all our followers happy holidays. We wish you wonderful memories with family & friends and a relaxing Christmas day!

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