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Episode 42- Managing a Household Part 2

In this episode Erica and Season continue the conversation about managing a household and how they manage each of their own households.  They throw out some scenarios and tell their listeners about how they would deal with each of them.

How do you manage your household?  How did chores change between you & your spouse after having kids? Email them at  They love hearing from their listeners!

Episode 41- Managing a household

In episode 41, Erica & Season answer an email from a listener about how they manage their households.  They talk about how their families deal with household duties and how they decided who does what in each house.  The Biggest Little Moms also talk about how household duties changed after having children and what gets importance when doing chores.

Do you have questions for Erica & Season?  Email them at or DM them on Instagram @biggestlittlemoms.

Episode 40-Dealing with sick kids

Erica & Season start off episode 40 with talking about sick kids and how they deal with it.  One thing the Biggest Little Moms love is the Nose Frida, a life saver when kids have colds.  Whether is sick kids or being sick as a mom it’s not easy and they talk all about that during this episode.  How do you deal with sick kids?  Let us know in the comments below or email them at

Episode 39- Moms night in

In episode 39 Erica & Season sit down with their friend Michelle to talk about the importance of mom friends, self care & girl’s nights in (or out)!  Michelle works as an aesthetician at Posh salon here in Reno and if you’re looking for a facial, wax or skin consult she is the Biggest Little Moms go to gal!

Please email us at with any questions or comments or find us on IG @biggestlittlemoms.


Episode 38-Lake Day

Erica & Season are on location in this episode!  Lake Tahoe is one of the most stunning places to visit and the Biggest Little Moms couldn’t think of a better place to record a podcast.  They talk about Erica’s most difficult relationship and what makes it that way, how their lake day is going & Season’s most recent trip to Whole Foods.  Listen as they come to you from Round Hill Pines Beach Resort and see how their Saturday at the lake is going!  Email them at or slide into their DMs @biggestlittlemoms.

Episode 37- Labor Day Weekend

In episode 37, Season & Erica discuss their labor day weekend and all their activities during the long weekend.  From park time & dinner together to a beach day at Tahoe & seeing a movie, Erica & Season had a busy weekend and tell you all about it in this episode!  What did you do this 3 day weekend?  Let us know in the comments or email us at!


Episode 36-Making the decision to have children

In this episode Season and Erica chat with Season’s youngest sister, Skye, about making the decision to have children.  Skye leads us through the recent conversations that her and her husband have been having about children.  How did you and your partner make the decision to have children? Was it something that was always part of the conversation?  Or did it become a conversation after some time?  Let us know in the comments below how you made the decision to have (or not have) children!

Episode 35- School starting & surgery

Erica had a rough week and she tells everyone about it in Episode 35.  From Ruby starting school to Sam having eye surgery it was a busy and stressful week.  Listen to hear how she dealt with it as well as Season’s low.  If you have any recommendations for toddlers throwing temper tantrums please email the girls at or DM on Instagram @biggestlittlemoms.

Episode 34-

Season & Erica start off episode 34 talking about dreams and weird dreams they have been having lately. They continue by talking about a few different podcasts they’ve been listening to lately. Afterwords, they discuss Serena Williams’ latest Instagram post and what pressures women face after having a baby.  Later they talk about letting kids make their own decisions and what decisions they should be able to make and when.  How do you let your kids make their decisions?  What decisions do you allow them to make and how did you decide to let them make decisions? Let us know what you think in the comments below or email us at and follow us on Instagram.

Episode 33-Vacation Recap

The Biggest Little Moms are back from vacation and they’re ready to tell you all about it!  Erica talks about camping in Northern California and all the excitement that came with an old cabin.  Season went to Florida where it was super hot and humid.  She recounts an altercation that she had with a Southwest Airlines employee that every parent can relate to!

What have you done on your family vacation?  How do you handle traveling with your kids? Let us know in the comments below or email us at