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Episode 136 – In between the (hotel) sheets

Season and Erica are (finally!) reunited to talk about the situations that come along with staying in a hotel room without children – if you know what we mean 😉

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Episode 135-Hanging with Erica & Steve

Erica’s husband, Steve, joins her for this episode. They discuss some highs and lows, new developments in their lives and what they like about being married to each other.

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Episode 134-Wedding Memories

Season sits down with her husband Endika in this episode and talk all things wedding!  As they celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary they remember back to their wedding day and what stands out as memorable.

Make sure you check out Erica & Steve’s episode next week too!

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Episode 132- Potty Training Tricks & Back to School Woes

Erica and Season are back to virtual recording and they take a question from a listener about potty training.  They also discuss back to school and how life is going to look next week.

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Episode 131- We back!!

Erica and Season are back after a little break to reconnect with family! In this episode they talk about celebrating Sam & Baby L’s birthdays and what they did on their week off.

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Episode 129-When family members have strong opinions

Episode 129 starts off with Season telling a story about a family member having a very strong opinion about a decision she made regarding Baby L.  They also discuss the upcoming school year and how Erica feels about sending her daughter back to school.

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Episode 128- Full Circle

Lots of twists & turns in this episode.  We cover everything from back-talking toddlers to anti-racism books to Vitamin C serum.  It’s a good one though so listen up and let us know what you think!

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