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Episode 58- Paws off

In this episode, Erica’s sisters Mary & Jocelyn join the Biggest Little Moms to give an inside look as to what it was like growing up with Erica and how their relationship has evolved over time.  They also talk about their recent weddings and how weddings have changed since Erica & Season got married.

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Episode 57-Aly & Lindsay

In this episode, the Biggest Little Moms welcome their first guests of 2019! Aly & Lindsay are local Reno moms who are also managing motherhood, full time work & relationships.  The ladies meet up to discuss it all over some wine and dessert.

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Episode 56- Annoying Parenting Trends

From Elf on the Shelf to 3D fetus statues Erica & Season discuss all the annoying parenting trends in this episode.  What are your annoying parenting trends?  Sounds off below on past & present trends that annoy you when it comes to parenting.

Episode 54-New Year, New Biggest Little Moms

In episode 54, Erica & Season reflect back on 2018 and look forward to 2019. Season shares how 2018 was the hardest year of her life and what she is excited about for 2019. Erica talks about how 2018 ended (hint, not great) and how she is going to make 2019 better. They also talk about their hopes for the podcast and where they see it going in the new year.

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Episode 53- You know…..

That week between Christmas and New Year’s when you’re not sure what day it is, most days you don’t even know what time it is, you’ve drank way too much, feel hungover every morning and have eaten about 10 too many leftover Christmas cookies? Well, this podcast is exactly how this week feels. It’s unorganized, cluttered and all over the place. It wasn’t what we had in mind but it’s exactly how our lives are in this moment. So sit back and listen to episode 53 and let us know if you can make any sense of what we talked about for 90 minutes.

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We’re baaacckkk!

Whew! It’s been a long 2 weeks but the Biggest Little Moms are back! In episode 52, they talk about Season’s trip to NYC and how hard it was to leave her daughter for 5 days. They also discuss what else they need to do for Christmas and last minute preparations as well as how stressful the holidays are.

We want to wish all our followers happy holidays. We wish you wonderful memories with family & friends and a relaxing Christmas day!

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Episode 51- Christmas Preparation

The Biggest Little Moms are getting ready for Christmas in this episode!  Listen to how Erica & Season are preparing for all the activities that surround this time of year and how they plan to celebrate the holiday with their families.

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Episode 50- Indoor Winter Activities

In this episode, Erica & Season respond to a suggestion to talk about indoor winter activities for kids.  Now that the temperature is dropping and going to the park is not an option, what do you do with your kids to keep them entertained and, more importantly, wear them out?  Listen to them talk about what they do with their kids and check out this list (links included) for indoor winter activities: Gymboree, Washoe County Libraries (we go to the Spanish Springs & South Reno libraries), story time at Barnes & Noble, The Lucky Childe, children’s museums (The Discovery Museum & The Children’s Museum in Carson City), Meadowood Mall, Run, Rattle & Roll in Minden, Community & Senior Center in Douglas County, movie theater as a treat, Fly High Trampoline Park, EZ Air Trampoline Park, Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park & Coconut Bowl at Wild Island.

Is there something we missed?  Where do you like to take your kids when you can’t go outside?

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Episode 49- PDX Part 2 & Thanksgiving

In this episode Erica and Season continue talking about their weekend in Portland, Oregon including dinner at Willow Restaurant.  Then they talk about how their Thanksgivings went with family and what it’s like having holidays with kids.

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