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Episode 95-Celebrity Gossip

In this episode Erica and Season break down the latest celebrity gossip which includes Keanu Reeves having a new girlfriend, Miley Cyrus & TI talking about his daughter’s virginity. Listen now and see what we love talking about when we’re not talking about being moms.

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Episode 91-Halloween Events in Reno/Sparks

Erica and Season are recording from Centro in episode 91 and they start off talking about their coffee preferences before discussing some Halloween events around the Reno/Sparks area. Check out their Instagram account for all the details on all the events they’ll be attending this year.

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Episode 90- Fall Activities

In this episode Erica tells us about her latest weekend doing all the fall activities in Apple Hill and Sacramento, which includes the zoo and Funderland. They also talk about their latest highs and lows with their kiddos.

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Episode 89-Discipline Part 2

Erica & Season wrap up their discussion on discipline in this episode and they start off talking about spanking.  It’s a hot button top and they talk about their views on spanking as well as what their IG followers had to say about it.  They end their discussion talking about who is the primary disciplinarian in their family and what form of discipline has been most effective.

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Episode 88-Discipline Part 1

In episode 88, Erica & Season begin their discussion about discipline.  They talk about how they were disciplined as kids and if it’s different from how they have chosen to discipline their children.  They also talk about how old their children were when they started disciplining.  Make sure to stay tuned to episode 89 when they talk about more about discipline and more specifically spanking.

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Episode 87- Summer Highs

Erica & Season round out summer 2019 with an episode about all the highs (and one low) they experienced.  They both talk about how their kids have become better swimmers and what that means going forward.  Season briefly talks about sleep training her daughter and Erica talks about how much more her son is talking.

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Episode 86- Cocktails & Juanes

Season and Erica start of this episode with a tasting of 3 cocktails with Craft Mix cocktail mix.  They talk about their favorite cocktail mix and how easy it was to prepare them.  After, they discuss their most recent night out on the town to see Juanes, one of the men on Season’s hall pass list. Erica experienced her first ever American night club and then they finished the night line dancing at the GSR.

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