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Episode 34-

Season & Erica start off episode 34 talking about dreams and weird dreams they have been having lately. They continue by talking about a few different podcasts they’ve been listening to lately. Afterwords, they discuss Serena Williams’ latest Instagram post and what pressures women face after having a baby.  Later they talk about letting kids make their own decisions and what decisions they should be able to make and when.  How do you let your kids make their decisions?  What decisions do you allow them to make and how did you decide to let them make decisions? Let us know what you think in the comments below or email us at and follow us on Instagram.

Episode 33-Vacation Recap

The Biggest Little Moms are back from vacation and they’re ready to tell you all about it!  Erica talks about camping in Northern California and all the excitement that came with an old cabin.  Season went to Florida where it was super hot and humid.  She recounts an altercation that she had with a Southwest Airlines employee that every parent can relate to!

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Episode 32-Vacation Time

In this episode Erica & Season talk about their upcoming vacations and how they are preparing for them. Erica is going camping and Season is off to Florida for a week.  What are you doing for vacation this summer?  Do you like vacationing with your kids?  Is a vacation with your kids really even considered a vacation?  Let them know in the comments section below or email them at  Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @biggestlittlemoms too!

Episode 31-Drowning

In this episode, Season & Erica discuss the topic of children drowning.  Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4?  Neither did they!  There has recently been some media coverage of children drowning so they discuss everything they’ve read.  Listen for their reactions and let them know what you think about it!  You can find the articles they reference here, here & here.

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Episode 30-Summertime and the living’s easy

It’s summer and Erica & Season are busy!  In this episode they talk about what they’ve been doing so far this summer.  Erica talks about the night she and her family visited the Dragon Lights at Rancho San Rafael Park and give some pointers if you want to go too. Season talks about a last minute trip up to Lake Tahoe and a new restaurant her and her husband discovered called Brewforia. What are you and your family up to this summer?  Let us know in the comments or email us at  Make sure to follow us on IG @biggestlittlemoms too!

Episode 29-Babyproofing

In this episode Erica & Season discuss Season’s hesitation to baby proof her house. They talk about why Season is hesitant, what has already been baby proofed and who has done it.  Erica talks about how her husband and her made the decision to baby proof their house and what they used to do it.  Have you baby proofed your house?  What products did you use?  Was there a conflict between you and your partner about baby proofing?  Or was everyone on the same page? Let us know in the comments below!

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Episode 28-College Memories

Let’s be honest here.  Erica & Season recorded this episode 2 weeks ago late at night after already recording another episode and having too many cocktails.  So what is this episode about? Well, we know that this is where we usually give you just enough information to entice you into listening but they can’t remember either.  So listen along while we all find out together what they talked about!

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Episode 27-The 5 Love Languages

In episode 27, Season and Erica discuss the book The Five Love Languages.  They talk about their primary love language as well as that of their spouses.  The ladies of Biggest Little Moms also theorise about their children’s love language and how they will respond to each one.

Have you read The Five Love Languages?  If you have, what is your primary love language?  Your spouse’s?  What did you learn about how you love?  Have you changed anything about the way you show love since reading the book?

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Episode 26- Weekend Update

In this episode, Erica and Season recap their weekend.  Between Food Truck Friday, Erica’s daughter’s dance recital and Father Day they had a very busy weekend and discuss it all in this episode.

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Episode 25-Delivery Stories

In episode 25, Erica & Season recount their delivery stories.  From water breaking in the middle of the night to unexpected c-sections listen to them discuss what it’s really like to give birth.  Erica also details how drastically different her two deliveries were.

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