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Episode 98- Q&A with The Sleeper Teacher

In episode 98, Erica and Season are joined again by The Sleeper Teachers and are answering YOUR questions!  The Biggest Little Moms polled their IG followers and had them send in all their sleep related questions.  Brittney and Beth answer questions about getting toddlers to go to sleep, how to know if your little one is ready to sleep through the night & how to transition your kid into their own bedroom.  There’s a lot of valuable information in this episode so make sure you tune in!

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Episode 97- Sleeper Teachers

Erica & Season are joined by Brittney & Beth from The Sleeper Teachers in episode 97.  What is a sleeper teacher you ask?  Brittney & Beth break it all down for us as well as explain terminology and how they got started in the sleep science field.  You don’t want to miss this episode!

If you are looking for help sleeping (either for yourself or your kiddo), reach out to The Sleeper Teachers here!

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Episode 96-Mediation with Cortney

Did you read “meditation” when you looked at the episode title???  Because so did we!

We got the pleasure of interviewing Cortney Young, a family law mediator who has been helping her clients resolve conflict by balancing interests, positions and desired outcomes for nearly her entire life.  She is smart, sassy, and so funny and even though the conversation takes a turn away from her work life we hope you laugh along with us!

If you’re looking for a mediator to help resolve conflict you have in your life, please reach out to Cortney here!

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Episode 95-Celebrity Gossip

In this episode Erica and Season break down the latest celebrity gossip which includes Keanu Reeves having a new girlfriend, Miley Cyrus & TI talking about his daughter’s virginity. Listen now and see what we love talking about when we’re not talking about being moms.

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Episode 91-Halloween Events in Reno/Sparks

Erica and Season are recording from Centro in episode 91 and they start off talking about their coffee preferences before discussing some Halloween events around the Reno/Sparks area. Check out their Instagram account for all the details on all the events they’ll be attending this year.

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Episode 90- Fall Activities

In this episode Erica tells us about her latest weekend doing all the fall activities in Apple Hill and Sacramento, which includes the zoo and Funderland. They also talk about their latest highs and lows with their kiddos.

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Episode 89-Discipline Part 2

Erica & Season wrap up their discussion on discipline in this episode and they start off talking about spanking.  It’s a hot button top and they talk about their views on spanking as well as what their IG followers had to say about it.  They end their discussion talking about who is the primary disciplinarian in their family and what form of discipline has been most effective.

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