Episode 159 – Dr Vanessa Garcia

Season and Erica are thrilled to welcome their first guest to the podcast in over a year! Dr Vanessa Garcia is a local optometrist who has been practicing in Northern Nevada for nearly six years. She sees patients of all ages, but is particularly passionate about her pediatric patients. She was introduced to the world of optometry at a very young age and was wearing very strong prescription glasses by the time she was three – so she’s been in their shoes! She joined Season and Erica to discuss the importance of early and subsequently, yearly, eye exams for children, what to expect at a pediatric eye exam and her involvement in the IntantSEE (www.infantsee.org) program. As Dr Garcia is also a mother, the three discuss motherhood in the pandemic and how fast all of their babies have grown up. This is an incredibly educational episode so enjoy!

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