Monthly Archives: February 2020

Episode 110- Mish Mash #2

Apparently this is what we are doing now.  Just a random picking of thoughts, topics and ideas.  We promise to get back to more organized episodes with some guests soon.  It’s just been a rough start to 2020.  Hang with us and we’ll be getting things back to normal soon.

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Episode 109- Mish Mash #1

Should we just start titling these episodes “Mish Mash #1/2/3, etc?” Because it seems like lately every episode is just so random and we really have no idea where it’s going to go! Once we hit record, the possibility of talking about literally anything is so real!

So enjoy this fish mash of topics and ideas and opinions.  Let us know if you like it!

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Episode 108- Chipotle makes you $#!+ your pants

Erica & Season start this episode by talking about the moral implications that come with enjoying artists that have allegedly committed crimes and how they deal with those feelings. And then they talk about their fears around raising kids, especially girls, and taking girls out in public.

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Episode 107-Why do we have to schedule shower time?!?

In this episode, Erica & Season talk about why women have to strategise their shower time and what really goes in to most things women do.  They also discuss why and how much Erica loves the Super Bowl and what their plans are.  And a special guest joins them to sing some of her favorite songs in the beginning of the episode.

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