Monthly Archives: April 2019

Episode 69, Take 2

In this episode, the Biggest Little Moms are back after an unexpected hiatus.  They re-record episode 69 and talk about Easter.  Erica talks about spending the day with her sister and Season talks about spending Easter morning at Red Hawk Golf & Resort.

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Episode 68- Weekends Away

In episode 68 the Biggest Little Moms are back together after both having weekends away.  Erica tells us all about her sister’s wedding in Vegas & Season tells us about a weekend getaway she had with her husband at Lake Tahoe.  Have you had a weekend away recently?  Tell us all about it below or email us at  And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @biggestlittlemoms!

Episode 67-Chapstick Review 2019

In their latest episode, Erica and Season have just returned from a shopping trip at Ulta and share some of their favorite beauty products.  Season also discusses what she loves and hates about Chapstick!  What are some of your favorite beauty products?  Comment below or email them at

Episode 66- Vogue 73 Questions

Have you seen the videos of celebs answering 73 questions as Vogue follows them around their house (you can check out a few of our faves here, here & here)? We thought it’d be fun to do it too!  Listen along and see what you learn about the Biggest Little Moms!  What surprised you about their answers?  Comment below or email us at