Monthly Archives: March 2019

Episode 65- Miss Sherii from Gymboree

In episode 65, Erica & Season sit down with Miss Sherii, the owner of the Reno Gymboree.  She tells everyone all about the services Gymboree offers and what she loves about spending her entire day with little ones.  Along with that, she also recounts a few experiences (you know there had to be some!) with nightmare parents that have happened during her almost 15 years of running the Gymboree. If you are interested in Gymboree for your little one, check out their website or call Miss Sherri at (775) 852-4386.

Does your little one attend Gymboree?  Let us know what you love about it below or email us at

Episode 64-Hallpass List

In this episode, Season & Erica collaborate with the ladies of Wining Wives, another local Reno podcast.  Amanda & Jaime are the ladies behind Wining Wives and together these four fabulous ladies sit down to discuss who is on their male hall pass list.  Don’t forget to head over to Wining Wives to hear the second part of this podcast where they discuss their same sex hall pass lists!  Who is on your hall pass list?  Let us know below or email us at

Episode 62-The NewlyWed Game Season & Endika

In this episode, Season requests the presence of her husband Endika (a.k.a she forced him) to record an episode while Erica is out of town.  They answer some of The Newlywed Game questions and give a peak into what their relationship really looks like.  How would you and your partner answer some of these questions?  Let them know on IG @biggestlittlemoms or email them at