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Episode 27-The 5 Love Languages

In episode 27, Season and Erica discuss the book The Five Love Languages.  They talk about their primary love language as well as that of their spouses.  The ladies of Biggest Little Moms also theorise about their children’s love language and how they will respond to each one.

Have you read The Five Love Languages?  If you have, what is your primary love language?  Your spouse’s?  What did you learn about how you love?  Have you changed anything about the way you show love since reading the book?

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Episode 26- Weekend Update

In this episode, Erica and Season recap their weekend.  Between Food Truck Friday, Erica’s daughter’s dance recital and Father Day they had a very busy weekend and discuss it all in this episode.

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Episode 25-Delivery Stories

In episode 25, Erica & Season recount their delivery stories.  From water breaking in the middle of the night to unexpected c-sections listen to them discuss what it’s really like to give birth.  Erica also details how drastically different her two deliveries were.

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Episode 24- Moonbow Baby Giveaway

Listen to how you can win a baby gift pack worth over $250 from Moonbow Baby! It’s the perfect gift if you are expecting a baby or are a new mom or dad.  Enter yourself in the drawing by going to and following them on Facebook & Instagram.  Subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes and get 10 more entries!

Episode 23-Memorial Day Disasters & Co-Sleeping

In episode 23, Erica and Season recount their Memorial Day weekends and how things didn’t exactly go as planned.  They also discuss a new billboard in the Reno/Sparks area that addresses co-sleeping and give their opinion on it.  You can find the KOLO-TV articles they discuss here and the NPR article here.

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