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Episode 22-Reno Fam Fest, Falls, Podcasts & Netflix

In this episode, Erica & Season discuss the upcoming Reno Fam Fest and give their listeners some ideas on what to do next weekend.  Erica recounts a hilarious story about something that happened at her house earlier in the day.  After, the girls fill in their listeners on what they watch and listen to in their free time.  Enjoy the long weekend and don’t forget to email Season & Erica at or follow them on Instagram @biggestlittlemoms.


Episode 21-Pregnancy Part #2

Continuing the talk about their pregnancies, Erica and Season discuss morning sickness and what they did to combat it.  They also talk about pregnancy cravings and what made them even more sick during the 9 months.  Both of them ended up moving houses during their pregnancies and they talk about that too!

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Episode 20-Mother’s Day Special

Get to know Erica & Season’s moms in this episode!  Joan and Vicki join the Biggest Little Moms to talk about how parenting has changed since they were moms and what has surprised them about Season & Erica being moms. They also discuss the pressures they each faced while raising kids and how the pressures have changed in the last 30 years.  Find out the stories behind their names and what Erica would have been named if she had been a boy!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas, step-moms, adoptive moms & family members raising kids as their own!  We appreciate you and love you every day!

Episode 19-Listener Mail

In this episode Erica and Season respond to listener mail.  They check in with a listener who had previously reached out to them regarding breastfeeding and find out how her experience is going.  Afterwards they hear from a listener who wants to talk about cultural differences in raising kids that Season noticed while abroad in Spain.  Finally they finish up with an email from Erica’s mother-in-law and discuss something that was mentioned in a previous episode.

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