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Episode 18- Thank God for FaceTime

In this episode Erica catches up with Season, who’s been in Spain for 2 weeks visiting her husband’s family.  They talk about how Erica’s recent trip to Sacramento to celebrate Ruby’s 5th birthday and all the exciting things they did.  Season also talks about what she’s been doing in Spain and what it’s really like traveling with a 9 month old.  Listen to them talk about some difficulties while being abroad and not having the comforts of home readily available.

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Episode 17-“4 year olds like podcast-es too!”

In this special mini-episode Season and Erica are joined by Ruby, Erica’s daughter, to answer some questions about herself and let the listeners get to know her better.  They talk about her favourite foods, favourite animal and how she loves having girls days.  She is definitely their biggest little fan and you can hear the excitement she has about recording in this episode!

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Episode 16-Pregnancy Part #1

In this episode Season and Erica begin describing their pregnancy experience.  Listen to them talk about how the found out they were pregnant and how they told their families and co-workers.  At the end of the conversation they have a special guest join them to talk about their weekly highs and lows.

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Episode 15-Setting the Record Straight

In episode 15 Season & Erica react to the two previous podcasts where they interviewed each other’s husbands.  They clarify some aspects of the interviews and add details to give their listeners some more information about the stories discussed.  Find out what surprised them about the interviews and what they loved about them too.

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Episode 14-Interview with Endika

In this episode Erica sits down with Season’s husband, Endika, to talk about how they met and what has changed about their relationship since having their daughter.  Listen to find out what his favourite part of being a dad is and what he’s struggled with as a new dad.

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Episode 13-Interview with Steve

In this episode Season sits down with Erica’s husband Steve to talk about what’s going on with Moonbow Baby, how Erica & Steve met and find out more about their relationship. Listen and find out what Steve admires about Erica as a mother and how they differ as parents.

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