Episode 79-Unrealistic Motherhood Expectations

In this episode Erica & Season talk about all the things they thought they could do as moms before having children.

What did you think you could do as a mom before having kids?  Let us know below or email us at biggestlittlemoms@gmail.com

Episode 78-Back from vacation

Season is back from vacation and Erica is coming down with a cold!  Tune in to episode 78 to hear what the Biggest Little Moms have been doing during their short summer hiatus.

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Episode 76- Watermelon Margaritas & Giggles

In this episode, Erica & Season have their first return guest!  Michelle is Erica & Season’s skin care specialist and mom-friend who loves to hang out and have a good time too.  Listen to them talk about everything from Hugh Jackman’s sexuality to sneaking out of our parent’s house as teenagers.  Email them at biggestlittlemoms@gmail.com or DM them on IG @biggestlittlemoms.

Episode 75- Toddler frustrations & the decision to stop breastfeeding

Erica & Season start off this episode with Season talking about her struggles with Baby L and how she tests Season’s patience.  Then they answer some questions from listeners about how they came to the decision to stop breastfeeding.  Listen now and don’t forget that you can email them questions/comments to biggestlittlemoms@gmail.com or DM on IG @biggestlittlemoms.  They love getting listener mail!

Episode 74- Stay at Home Mom Kalee

In episode 74, Season sits down with Kalee, a childhood friend, who is now a stay at home mom of 2 kiddos.  They talk all about why Kalee made the decision to be a SAHM and what her days look like.  They also discuss the best & worst parts of being a SAHM and if she’ll ever change her mind or go in a different direction.  Are you a SAHM?  If so, how did you make that decision?  Let us know below or email us at biggestlittlemoms@gmail.com.

Episode 73-When disappointment strikes

In episode 73, Erica & Season discuss the feeling of disappointment and foolishness.  Unfortunately they had an event occur that they have to be very vague about for the moment but it has changed many things in their lives.  How do you deal with disappointment? Let them know in the comments below or email them at biggestlittlemoms@gmail.com.

Episode 72-Dealing with Lice

Erica had a nice little surprise this week when she found out Ruby had lice. Listen to how her week has been and how she’s been dealing with it.  If you’re interested in WCSD policy on lice, click here & here.

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Episode 71- Coolscuplting & Royal Baby

Erica got coolscuplted and tells us all about it!  Have you ever wondered what it’s like?  Listen along as Erica tells us all about it.  Plus, Season & Erica talk about the new addition to the royal family.  Email the biggest little moms at biggestlittlemoms@gmail.com and find them on IG @biggestlittlemoms.